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We have developed a full line of Custom Triple Trees for the Yamaha brand. Our designs fit a wide variety of applications including custom 2 wheelers, stock 2 wheelers, Custom Trikes and Side Car conversions. They can be built in a wider stance with a rake built in, or as a stock replacement with a specified rake angle to improve steering.

Below are examples of Yamaha Custom Triple Trees we have manufactured for the listed models.

Venture Royale
Royalstar Venture
V-Star 1300
V-Star 1100
XV 1700 Road Star
FJR 1300
XVS 950

Yamaha Venture Royale Custom Triple Trees

This design covers 1983 to 1993 Yamaha Venture Royale. This job was for a stock application and features a 5 degree rake. This set can also be built to assist steering for Trike and Side Car applications.

Yamaha Royalstar Venture Custom Triple Trees

Fitment for this set covers the Royalstar Deluxe model. These sets come with the riser bushings and tube cover spacers. They are offered in 5 and 6-1/4 degree rake angles. The top tree comes polished standard. A black anodized finish can also be applied. 

Yamaha V-Max Custom Triple Trees

This set was ordered and built for a side car application to improve handling. It is available in several different versions and rake angles.

Yamaha V-Star 1300 Custom Triple Trees

This 2007 set was designed for 41mm fork tubes with a 5 degree rake built in. This model can be ordered with any of our offered rake angles. This is a stock application where all OEM brackets ,covers and accessories bolt back up as stock. The ignition switch shown in the pictures is not included. This switch must be removed by drilling the damper proof screws installed from the factory. We can provide this service if you ship the top tree to us.

Yamaha V-Star 1100 Custom Triple Trees

This is a stock application tree set. All of the OEM components bolt back up as stock.

Yamaha Road Star XV 1700 Custom Triple Trees

Top - Designed for the Silverado this set has a 6 1/4 degree rake built in. The steering trail is reduced significantly allowing for greatly improved steering on all models customized for trike and side car applications. All OEM light brackets, windshield, and light bar mounts bolt back on. The brackets and headlight mount are not included. We offer this model with any of our rake angles for 2 & 3 wheel stock and custom applications.

Bottom - The builder requested a glossy hard coat finish. This added a true custom look to the Roadstar. All stock covers and accessories were maintained. This set features a 6 1/4 degree rake built in to it. This durable finish can be ordered on any of our tree sets

Yamaha FZ1 Custom Triple Trees

This custom triple tree set was also designed to aid in Trike and Side Car steering

Yamaha FJR 1300 Custom Triple Trees

This is a stock application set featuring a 5 degrees of rake. We also offer this set designed to aid in steering for Trike and Side Car applications.

Yamaha Stratoliner Custom Triple Trees

We have built this tree set for both steering assist on 3 wheel applications and as a custom set up on 2 wheel applications. This particular set features a black anodized finish. 

Yamaha XVS 950 Custom Triple Trees

This is a 5 degree bolt design. This triple Tree makes a nice custom piece for this popular bike. It is available in all of our rake angles and a variety of finishes. The finish shown is a scuffed black anodize.

Custom Triple Trees by Machine And Design
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