Keeping pace with the custom motorcycle market we manufacture a wide variety of triple trees several sets at a time. This gives us the opportunity to offer custom features on each individual order. To keep a custom clean look on our product that does not date itself. The set of trees you purchase from us today will still be in style 10 years from now. We offer 4 different finishes, machine sanded, polished [standard], and colored hard coat anodizing. A choice of 4 plate sizes 1”, 1- 1/4, 1-1/2’and 2” thick material. 3 line top to bottom,3 sided ball end milling detail is also available. Special stop locations for custom frame applications internal and external. Solid or rubber handle bar mounts are offered. All of our triple tree sets can be fitted with either the stock or custom fork locks, internal or pad lock style. We will also modify or build gauge, brake line, cover and headlight mounts. Faxing a sketch or mechanical drawing is recommended. On some special orders we will need the original set of trees sent to us to insure proper mounting locations of lights, covers and gages.

When the Triple Tree line was first considered, we wanted to produce a product that had components and features that were better than anything on the market. We did not want to make and sell something we would not use on our own motorcycles. Below are pictures describing some our features.


On many models a slot or notch is cut at the correct location of the neck shaft for the newer model internal fork locks.(LEFT)

Polished black hard coat anodizing with polished stainless and chrome parts.On larger tube diameter tree sets a double screw pinch is required(RIGHT)


This feature is our stainless steel insert nut. A grade 8 cap screw is used to draw the pinch slot in. This eliminates any possibility of premature thread failure from tapping directly into the aluminum. This is a major problem with stock and custom built trees. The top of the nut sits flush with the surface. On certain models the pinch nuts are polished (RIGHT)


One important feature that we wanted to address is the steering head bearing adjustment. This is critical for proper handling. Instead of putting a spanner nut under the top tree, we engineered a load nut under our chrome-plated cap. The bearing load can now be set from the top of the top tree. (BELOW)


Every set of trees that we have manufactured since day one has a serial #. This number helps us know what we built for you and. when we built it. This also helps you identify the parts for insurance and resale purposes. The manufacturing # is printed on an invoice and accompanies every tree set. (RIGHT)


The detail to the left shows a picture of our closed end pinch slot. The majority of triple trees manufactured today cut the pinch slot to the out side of the frame. This cuts the material strength around the fork tube in half. Building the tree sets to withstand the toughest of riding conditions we take the extra effort to use the closed end pinch slot. (LEFT)


The pictures to the right illustrate our lower neck post design. When torqued into the bottom tree the tapered shaft locks in place. It will not come loose or become misaligned, holding up to the hardest of riding conditions. This is a superior design from the standard pressed in neck post. We then lock the assembly down with a specially designed base nut and secure it with two hardened roll pins. (BELOW)


Last update 2/20/18