The Harley Davidson 41mm lower leg clamps we make can be ordered in any of the 5 rake angles. They clamp on the fork tube under the bottom tree and mount lower leg covers at the same rake angle as the trees.The finish is polished and sold in pairs.To be used with 41mm lower leg covers


We make external style fork locks ror all our custom built triple trees. Here are several lock plates [shown in picture] These are stock replacement for harley-davidson frames.We make fork locks and frame tabes for all bikes domestic and metric.Check with us for compatability


We will make these turning signal mounts to fit any tube size.The sizes stocked are 35,36,37,38,39,40,41,43,45,,48,49 and 50 mm. They are highly polished an are sold in pairs.


This bracket will accept the stock top mount head light used on most Harley-Davidson 35mm and 39mm narrow glide models.It is neccessary to use this bracket on our
triple trees to maintain that headlight.


To the right are 2 pictures of our custom fork braces. Shown is a 39mm mid glide brace.It attaches to the top of the lower leg.We manufacture these braces to fit all different width front ends.Call us for applications and measurement at.630-858-6416. On some metric model bikes this style of brace cannot be used.The lower leg is not machined to accept the clamp.The cost for these braces start at $325.00 and are built to order.



Steering Control Dampener

Most Machine&Design triple trees can be set up to use an adjustable steering dampener.One end mounts to one of our extended stainless steel pinch nut, the other a frame bracket[not supplied]. This dampener has various tension settings to allow steering control for all riding conditions.


If you need a custom bracket or clamp and do not see what you are looking for Email or call, we can machine one up.
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