Wide Glide Triple Tree Sets
This is our standard 41 mm tree set. Shown above with a custom springer style bottom mount headlight.The finish is polished aluminum and is set up for rubber mounted handle bars.This set of trees fits the 2000 and later softail frame with the internal fork lock.The standard 11/4” thick material is used.[Headlight sold separately]
Shown to the left is our 35mm Wide glide kit that fits the Fx & Xl ,s 1974 thru 1977.Polish is the standard finish and a complete spacer kit is included.This kit will ad a touch of style to these classic models.Like all other sets,this kit can be chrome plated at an additional cost. [See pricing]
Machine& Design offers a complete line of Wide Glide tree sets in 35,39&41mm tube diameters.In the 41mm sets we offer the standard 97/8’ tube center to center and the 91/2” tube center to center[Heritage models]. We also build a complete custom line of 35&39mm wide glide tree sets.They are all available in a Polished or chrome finish and can be built with any of our 5 rake angles.1”material is standard on our 35&39mm models, 11/4’material is used on our 41mm sets.We can build any set with 1”,11/4”or11/2”material[see pricing].On the 35&39mm models a spacer set is required[sold separately].When ordering the year and model are needed to assure the right spacer set is used and the proper fork stop location is maintained.To accommodate the early XL frame 1981 and earlier, any tree set can be fitted with the smaller diameter and shorter length neck post at no additional cost.
Above are pictures of our 2004 up XL wide glide single disc tree set.It displays the 1”material ,solid mount handle bar holes and the improved bearing dirt seal.It also incorporates the neck post hole location to accommodate the new style fork lock..The finish is polished with chrome parts.
41 mm Wide Glide Extra Deep triple trees
Below are 4 pictures of our extra deep 41 mm wide glide front end built with 1 1/2' thick material .This set up allows for a bigger and deeper headlight .It also adds to the wheel base of the motorcycle.This deep style tree set can be built in to any of our many tree sets. For more information call machine & Design at 630-858-6416 or e mail bill@customtripletrees.com
On this order a custom internal fork stop plate was installed om the base of the bottom tree .
Harley-Davidaon 52mm Triple Tree
Below are 3 pictures of our 52mm triple tree. This set fits the Screaming Eagle Inverted tube front end for Harley-Davidsons.The set below was built to fit the standard width 9 7/8" Dyna Wide Glide 2008 model. 1 1/2" material gives this front end a massive look and has the 5 degree rake built in.A scuffed finish was called for on this order,the tree set was to be plated by the bike builder.This set can be manufactured to fit any HD model including the earlier XL models.
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